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SMAC + SDK 1.3 for KW01 board

Question asked by Thiago Lehr Companhoni on Aug 4, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 10, 2016 by Luis Antonio Burgos Lopez

Hello guys,

I've been trying to use the SMAC library (from Radio Utility package) and its functions with the SDK 1.3 library for KW01 board. However, when I merge the SMAC into SDK project, it says that I'm using more than one map memory in the project. I've checked and, indeed, it has both MKL26Z4.h (in SMAC library) and MKW01Z4.h (SDK library). Because of this, I'm unable to use the SDK library for my applications, which consists in using SPI, I2C, for example, and SMAC for communication between boards.


Does anyone had a problem like this? Am I doing something wrong?


Thanks for the help!