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PTN3460I Sometimes fails to get sync right?

Question asked by Boris Yost on Aug 4, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 25, 2016 by Boris Yost

PTN3460I hard-wired connected to an AMD GPU with 2-lane DisplayPort, resolution 720p.  About 97% of the time, it works fine.  ~3% of trials, something really weird happens.  It appears the video data is there, and shows up at the right time, but the clock and syncs are too slow and just stuffed over the top of the video data.  The clock goes faster and faster...slowly...until it gets to the speed it is supposed to be (pixel clock is 74.25 MHz for this resolution, and we are using the double-wide bus so half of that) and then it all works.  When it works, it is correct and stable indefinitely for as long as we have cared to watch.  The slow speeding up process can take 20 minutes.


Anybody seen anything like this?