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Maximum rating about LICELL of MMPF0100NPAZES

Question asked by Inho Jeon on Aug 4, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 4, 2016 by Yuri Muhin

Hi, All.


Below circuit is designed refer to SABRE Bd of i.MX6DL.



I wonder about 'Maximum level' of 'LICELL' about 'MMPF0100NPAZES.'

Because charging voltage of 'LIR2450(Li-on Battery)'is '4.2V.'

So, I'll set output level of 'U4(LT3012HFE#PBF)' is '4.2V.'

But see the datasheet of  'MMPF0100NPAZES', max. level of 'LICELL' is 3.6V like below.


I think ordinary li-on battery of charging level is '4.2V.'

So,I want to know that it is possible to use '4.2V' level for 'LICELL' of 'MMPF0100NPAZES'.


Please, Inform me about that questions, ASAP.


Best Regards,

Inho Jeon