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Use of SRC_GPR register by application software

Question asked by Jaccon Bastiaansen on Aug 4, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 5, 2016 by Yuri Muhin

Hello all,


Our applicatoin, running on an i.MX6Quad, should 'remember' a few bits of application specific information between resets.


I want to save these bits in the SRC_GPR registers, since the SRC guarantees that the SRC_GPR register contents persist over resets.


When I look in the i.MX6 Quad reference manual, SRC_GPR1 .. SRC_GPR9 are already reserved so I cannot use these. My question now is: can I use SRC_GPR10? According to the SRC_GPR10 field descriptions table in section 60.7.16 of the i.MX6 Quad reference manual, only bit 25,26 and 27 are reserved for core error status flags and the other bits are for general purpose use. But the note in the same section states "This register is used by the ROM code and should not be used by application software". This note and the table contradict each other.


So can I use bit the non reserved bits in SRC_GPR10 (0..24 and 28..31) or not?