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Power down modes conflicting values

Question asked by Vivien Wong on Aug 3, 2016
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I am using the LPC1857 and I am referring to UM10430 Rev 2.8 dated 10 Dec 2015 and the deep power down modes in section 11.3.2 says that the values should be:

0x0030 00AA = Deep-sleep mode

0x0030 FCBA = Power-down mode

0x0033 FF7F = Deep power-down mode


In Section 11.4.1, the deep power-down mode is set to 0x0030FF7F which is conflicting with what is mentioned in Section 11.3.2


Also, when i downloaded the latest driver v2.1.8 (Release date: 5/27/2015) from

LPCOpen Software for LPC18XX|NXP


The pmc_18xx_43xx.h shows this:


* @brief Power Management Controller power modes

* Setting this mode will not make IO loose the state


#define PMC_PWR_DEEP_SLEEP_MODE         0x3000AA

#define PMC_PWR_POWER_DOWN_MODE         0x30FCBA




* @brief Power Management Controller power modes (IO powerdown)

* Setting this mode will make the IO loose the state


#define PMC_PWR_DEEP_SLEEP_MODE_NO_IO         0x3F00AA




Could you confim what should the deep-power-down mode value should be?

Also, what do you mean by the new settings  will not make IO loose state? Because based on section 11.2.5 of the user manual, deep power-down mode will lose the IO states. Does it mean that with this new setting (0x30FF7F or 0x33FF7F) the deep power down mode will NOT lose the IO states?


I need alot of clarification please