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What is max LPUART baud rate of KL1x parts?

Question asked by paulferrari on Aug 3, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 11, 2016 by Chris Brown

I calculate the max baud rate of the two LPUARTs on the KL16 and KL17 as 12Mbps.  Can someone confirm this?


According to Table 5-1 of the Reference Manual the LPUART0 clock rate is 48MHz in run mode.

Figure 35-3 (in the LPUART chapter)

shows the Baud Rate = (LPUART ASYNCH Module Clock) / (SBR(12:0) * (OSR+1))


I believe SBR(12:0) can be 1 and OSR can be 3.  This would result in 48MHz/(1*(3+1)) = 48MHz/4 = 12Mbps


I am fairly certain of this, but would appreciate a second set of eyes on this.