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How to increase size of Tx and Rx Buffer in SMAC?

Discussion created by Maumita Chakraborty on Jun 13, 2008
Latest reply on Jun 17, 2008 by UK_CF_FAE
Can anyone help me out regarding the Transmit and Receive Buffer size in SMAC? By default, SMAC supports TX and RX buffer size of 128. The structures for RX and TX packets, as defined in SMAC, are given below:-

/*! defines the variable to be received by the SMAC */
typedef struct {
   UINT8 u8MaxDataLength; //!< maximum packet size to accept If greater packet is dropped
   UINT8 u8DataLength;         //!< length in bytes of the received packet
   UINT8 *pu8Data;                 //!< where the application would like to have the received data copied into
   UINT8 u8Status;                 //!< determine if the data indication is due to a received packet or a timeout.
} tRxPacket;

/*! variable to be transmitted by the SMAC.*/
typedef struct {
    UINT8 u8DataLength; //!< number of bytes to transmit
    UINT8 *pu8Data;            //!< pointer to the data buffer to transmit
} tTxPacket;

I have changed the datatypes of u8MaxDataLength and u8DataLength of tsRxPacket and u8DataLength of tsTxPacket to UINT16, so that it can accomodate more than 128 buffer elements. And, u8MaxDataLength has been initialized to value greater than 128. But, it is not working.
So, can anyone please suggest a way to transmit a packet containing more than 128 elements and can receive a packet of more than 128 elements?

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