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JN5169 programming error

Question asked by Robert Koontz on Aug 3, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 4, 2019 by Dirk van Grunsven

I recently received my JN516x-EK004 eval kit.  I have installed the BeyondStudio environment and was able to successfully read the two DR1178 devices that came with the kit.  I pulled the JN-AN-1223 application note zip from the website and so I could take a look at the Zigbee Gateway User Interface project.  I then decided to load the DimmableLight_JN5169_DR1175_LED_EXP_MONO.bin file onto my devices.  I did this on the first one with the EEPROM set to Erase PDM.  It seems to have successfully programmed but I can no longer read that device.  I did the second one but set the EEPROM to Preserve EEPROM and that one seems to be fine.  I can connect to it with the previously mentioned Zigbee Gateway User Interface and I can still read the device.


I can't find a way to recover my first device.  I have already spent hours digging through documentation trying to figure it out.  When I use the JN51xx Production Flash Programmer it comes back with error: reading chip ID - check cabling and power.  I'm hoping someone can explain what I've done and how I can recover the chip.