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Coldfire Vi Flash programming question

Question asked by sudhanshu mehta on Aug 3, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 4, 2016 by TomE

Hi Team,


I am using MCF51JM128VLH microcontroller.

we write programOutput.bin file (please note .bin file format) on microcontroller. we programmed by bad way and microcontroller /board does not work as expected.

Now I re-programmed same board using     " .elf "      file.

After this board is working as expected




now my question is,

1) Is there is chance that my microcontroller will not work as expected in future

        I feel answer is no Because, when microcontroller boots up it copies required bytes into RAM. In RAM it will copy only                required data guided by new .elf file programmed.


2) Can there be any section in Flash that have old data? if yes do I need to worry?