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MPC5777C Boot Issue

Question asked by Jeff Campbell on Aug 3, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 8, 2016 by Jeff Campbell

I'm having trouble getting the MPC5777C to run a program out of ROM.  I got it to run from RAM just fine.

With my ROM setup, I have configured memory as follows:


Address     Value

0x0080_0000 0x015A0000

0x0080_0004 0x00800200



0x0080_0200 (start of program)


The other potential RCHW areas are unwritten, and I verified these locations via debugger.

However, when I reset the chip and follow it with a debugger, it seems to crash in the middle of startup and leave the PC pointing to 0xFFFF_4024, in the middle of the PASS memory area.  I don't know why it's jumping there.  Are there other boot setup steps I'm possibly missing?