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LPC54102 mail box interrupt on NVIC after wake up from Deep_Sleep or Power_Down

Question asked by knishi on Aug 2, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 29, 2016 by isaacavila


I am investigating the LPC54102 chip and try to find out the mailbox function with the LPC Open examples and heart rate monitor example.


When I enable the NVIC MAILBOX_IRQn and create the interrupt handler for MAILBOX in the heartrate M0+ example, the MAILBOX_IRQn seems triggering whenever the device is waking up from the Deep_Sleep or Power_Down mode in addition to appropriate timing.

It is working as intended when the low power mode is set to the sleep mode.


Could somebody explain why Mailbox interrupt triggers with Deep_Sleep or Power_Down and does not trigger with sleep mode and suggests some methods to avoid triggering MAILBOX_IRQn, other than disabling the MAILBOX_IRQn?


Thank you for help in advance.