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headphone hook keyunction with sgtl5000 codec

Question asked by If Zhao on Aug 2, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 2, 2016 by li xiaohui

can anybody knows how to realize headphone hook key function with sgtl5000 codec?



we plan to add headphone hook key in our imx6 board(with  sgtl5000 on it). and we have concluded that on our platform, when key on headphone was pressed, the voltage of mic pin will be changed to 0.



but this pin haven't wired to cpu. it only be wired to sgtl5000 codec as mic input. so cpu can not know the event about hook key pressed.



and i also haven't found any headphone key detect function described in sgtl5000 spec.



i guess there are some particular hardware design for realizing headphone key function on sgtl5000 codec, or sgtl5000 can not do headphone hook key function ?



can anybody tell me ,many thanks.