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Maximum VI (Input voltage) NXP 74LV08PW Can Guarantee

Question asked by Philip Law on Aug 2, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 4, 2016 by Bulat Karymov

Hi there,


What is maximum VI (Input voltage) NXP 74LV08PW can guarantee?

In spec sheet, max Vcc is 5.5V but max VI is indicated “Vcc” (Page 4)


Versus this, I cross-checked TI SN74LV08PW spec sheet indicated max VI is 5.5V clearly, with 10.2.2 Detailed Design Procedure as Inputs are overvoltage tolerance allowing them to go as high as 5.5V at any valid Vcc,

TI guarantee max VI 5.5V whatever Vcc within 5.5V.

But I got no observation in NXP spec sheet.


In actual application, used condition is higher VI than Vcc, we need NXP to guarantee same condition as TI, but no application data or engineering document related to this subject. Please kindly help to advise, thanks.