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imx-weim on 6sololite using 3.14.28 kernel

Question asked by jayakumar2 on Jul 31, 2016
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I'm working on getting a userspace EIM application working on a 6sololite board using the 3.14.28 kernel. I had modified my devicetree dts to add the weim interface. While trying to figure that part out, I noticed that drivers/bus/imx-weim.c on 3.14.28 only lists the following:


static const struct of_device_id weim_id_table[] = {

        /* i.MX1/21 */

        { .compatible = "fsl,imx1-weim", .data = &imx1_weim_devtype, },

        /* i.MX25/27/31/35 */

        { .compatible = "fsl,imx27-weim", .data = &imx27_weim_devtype, },

        /* i.MX50/53/6Q */

        { .compatible = "fsl,imx50-weim", .data = &imx50_weim_devtype, },

        { .compatible = "fsl,imx6q-weim", .data = &imx50_weim_devtype, },

        /* i.MX51 */

        { .compatible = "fsl,imx51-weim", .data = &imx51_weim_devtype, },

        { }



Searching for imx6sl-weim gets no hits. Does that mean the imx-weim driver is not compatible with imx6sl? My guess is that it is not. It looks like I would need to add some 6sl specific handling for the clock setup. Also:

static const struct imx_weim_devtype imx50_weim_devtype = {

        .cs_count       = 4,

        .cs_regs_count  = 6,

        .cs_stride      = 0x18,



If I'm mistaken, please help point me to a 6sl example that uses imx-weim in its device tree config.




ps: Igor, if you reply, please do NOT mark as Assumed Answered until I have a chance to reply! At least give me 2-3 days to try any suggestions rather than assuming that your "answer" is the solution. Thanks for understanding!