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Dmesg ouput of T4240RDB

Question asked by Sareena Karapoola on Jul 30, 2016


I am new to kernel programming. I would like to redirect the kernel dmesg output via the UART2 of T4240RDB.

What is the procedure for the same?

I found the links which which describes the generic process Electronics FAQ: Redirecting kernel messages (dmesg) out through your serial port


But on T4240RDB ttyS0 (UART1) is used for the console to access the linux from the host.

Now , I want the dmesg output to be redirected to the ttyS1 (UART2) of T4240RDB.

Is it possible . What are the steps to achieve it. Should I add a boot parameter in the u-boot?

A quick response is appreciated as I am stuck with an issue here.


Thanks in advance.