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XET256 Flash protect and security problem

Question asked by steven zhang on Jul 31, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 31, 2016 by Edward Karpicz

I have set the flash configuration to protect high address 4K range and no security,

     static const UINT8 NV_PROTECT_INIT @0xFF0C = 0xCF;

     static const UINT8 NVFSEC_INIT @0xFF0F = 0xFE;

but after download program into mcu, i found the mcu enter security status, BDM debug was not available.

I wrote a program to read the value from address at 0xFF0C and 0xFF0F, and the register FPROT and FSEC, and send out those 4 values, here was the 4 values:


0xCF      0x7F         0xFE     0xFF.

I'm very confused about this, what happened to mcu?