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NXP Smart Mail Box

Discussion created by Ashok Ra on Jul 29, 2016

Even when the tech bubble is at its peak, we have still not forgotten the classic old fashioned handwritten notes. An email can never replace a handwritten note. The speed of an email follow-up is great but it can often get buried in a busy person’s inbox (or even get lost in the “junk mail” folder if you’re sending it from an unfamiliar address). In today’s era, when sadly we’re getting fewer and fewer letters in the mail, a handwritten thank you note, well-crafted on good stationery, will make a candidate stand out from others who chose not to take that extra, personal step.

This “Smart Mail Box” system detects the new mail arrivals along with sender specific details and notifies the user via Email.





This box will have built in LPC 43S67 – A70Cm Cloud connected Kit, IR Sensors, and Servo motor. The board has the Wi-Fi module (Zentri) which help to send mail using SMTP. Sensors are used to detect the new mail arrivals and Servo motor is used for opening /closing the mail box. NTAG I2C board is interfaced with main controller, which act as gate way between smartphone and Mailbox. Postman will have the "Smart Mail Box" App in mobile. The Mail box can be Open/Close by taping the mobile into NTAG. Before delivering the Mails Postman can scan the information of Sender details through this App. Taping the mobile, transfer the sender information to the Mail Box. Once the Mail is dropped into the Box the new mail arrival notification is send to the registered user mail address. (Gmail or any).

Block Diagram



Watch Demo here