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how to bring-up a T2080 board when there is no rcw in flash

Question asked by Liu Jianbo on Jul 29, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 4, 2016 by Liu Jianbo

Hi Experts:


To bringup a new custom T2080 board, there is no rcw in flash, tried to start with the guide in SDK:



1, Run T2080RDB_RCW_override.cfg in CodeWarrior connection server (CCS) to override RCW.

2, Download SPI U-Boot at 0xfff40000, and set PC reg to 0xfffffffc.

3, Run with the CodeWarrior IDE, and enter U-Boot at the console.




To the first step, have the following question:

1,  if the board only have nand flash as boot device, which rcw file in $(Freescale_CW)\CW_PA_v10.5.0\PA\PA_Support\Initialization_Files\jtag_chains\ should we use? the txt(not cfg) file should be okay?


2, to connect target via CodeWarrior TAP, the Chapter 3 "connecting to target system" is the right doc we can refer? or I just need to run CodeWarrior Connection server console after install CodeWarrior? I remeber in previous version CodeWarrior(8.x), there is a connect button, but with this latest version, no such button.

3, To run rcw file, which command will be needed in CCS console?


4, besides run rcw file, do we need to run other hardware init script before download u-boot image to ram?


5, I just notice there is Errata A-007980, looks there must be a rcw on board when you first bring-up t2080 target, if this errata still there now?


Sorry for my silly question, and many thanks for your times!!