MC9S08AWxx FBE mode with 16 Mhz crystal

Discussion created by ShinjiIkari on Jun 12, 2008
Latest reply on Jun 12, 2008 by David Payne
 I develop an application on microcontroller MC9S08AWxx, this system should work at high (up to 50 degrees) and low temperature with extremely precison timer so I use an external crystal.
I can only use  a crystal of 16 MHz  and the application doesn't run why?

For working with this hardware I can only choose the FBE clock mode, so the init code is

/* ICGC1: HGO=0,RANGE=1,REFS=0,CLKS1=1,CLKS0=0,OSCSTEN=1,LOCD=0,??=0 */
ICGC1= 0x54;                
  /* ICGC2: LOLRE=0,MFD2=0,MFD1=0,MFD0=0,LOCRE=0,RFD2=0,RFD1=0,RFD0=0 */
here the routine is frozen why?

Why the FBE mode doesn't work?

how can resolve it?