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How to change the IMX-6x pinmuxing at run time?

Question asked by bhupendra pawar on Jul 29, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 29, 2016 by bhupendra pawar

I know using dts files can modify the pin muxing statically, but want to do it at run time as below:


1. configure eSPI1 in spi mode zero as below in imx6x-qsdl.dtsi file

     MISO - pulled high

     CLOCK - pulled down

     MOSI - pulled down

     CS - pulled high


2. When SPI is not in used by any application or processor goes to standby pull down the CS and MISO lines


I tried to implement the logic provided in

but api PIN_CONF_PACKED was not available for imx6x processor in kernel.


How one can achieve this in Linux kernel driver?

Any example would be good enough.


Thanks in advance for your kind help.