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Configure UCC in SDLC mode in MPC8309

Question asked by Amanaganti VinodKumar on Jul 29, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 31, 2016 by Amanaganti VinodKumar

Hi All,


We are using MPC8309 processor in our project, and need to configure its one of UCCs in SDLC mode. I have gone through the QEIWRM (reference manual of QUICC engine) and found that ucc can operate in SDLC mode or HDLC or fully transparent mode (6.2 UCC Feature Set page 6-3).

In GUMR register transparent or HDLC protocol options available, how can we configure UCC to operate in SDLC mode.


As per my understanding HDLC is a supersaet of SDLC, but omitted several features present in SDLC.

Please provide your valuable comments on how can we use in SDLC mode, if not possible what kind of issues may a raise if we go with HDLC as it is compatible with SDLC protocol.