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Question asked by Zoran Stoilov on Jul 28, 2016
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I have a LS1021atwr Rev2.0 connected with TWR-SER2. I want to use RS485 functionality of TWR-SER2.

But RS485 is connected to LPUART1 pins.

If I enable LPUART in "include/configs/ls1021atwr.h", the console from UART1/USB is gone and I can see it on LPUART1.

J19 and J20  before were shorting 2-3 when uart used and now they are shortening 1-2 when LPUART enabled.

My question is how to configure u-boot so I can have console and I can use LPUART1(/dev/ttyLP0)?

I have enabled ttyLP1 in device tree(&lpuart1) but I don't know if/where it is connected to TWR-SER2 board!?


I use SDK1.9 for u-boot building with sdk2.0 for openwrt rootfs and I boot from SD_CARD only.