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CLKOUT in MK70F150 at PTA6

Discussion created by David Galbarra on Jul 28, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 1, 2016 by Robin_Shen

Hi all


According to Reference Manual, CLKOUT signal should be available at PTA6 pin, using Alt5 Mux configuration.


However, I can't see this signal in this pin. We have developed hardware with FlexBus access to external FPGA, and we need this signal in this pin for clocking FPGA.

This is our configuration:



SIM_SOPT2[CLKOUTSEL]=000 (FlexBus clock, Reset value)



PORTA_PCR6: 0x00000540

     PORTA_PCR6[MUX] = 101 (Alt5)

     PORTA_PCR6[DSE] = 1 (We tried both configurations, none is working)


Is there anything else I am missing?

We have tried other values for SIM_SOPT2[CLKOUTSEL], but we can't see any kind of clock in that pin.

Ball is correctly soldered because we can move pin as GPIO.


Any suggestions?