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[S12 Debugging] I Can't debug in Codewarior

Question asked by Jacek Janczura on Jul 28, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 1, 2016 by iggi

Dear friends I have an urgent question.


I can't debug one of the projects on S12 processor. On one project everything is working excellent but on the other something might be wrong with Processor Expert's settings. I can setup a breakpoint, but I can't stop the program on that breakpoint even if it is in the main function. I can check dynamically the variables so debugging should be possible. I can stop the processor via debugger but than I can't step in/over or go/continue once again. Sometimes the debugger is able to catch the breakpoint but only for a few seconds.  I checked everything, have changed the interrupts I read already everything connected with debugging in CodeWarior that I found in the internet. I checked the project on other boards so a processor and the board aren't damaged. Can you please tell me what could cause my problem.



Please help me I can't work without debuging



I read :  didn't help