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Help! p1010 not started!

Question asked by Sergey Mo on Jul 28, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 28, 2016 by ufedor

Hello, friends!

I can not run my card with a processor p1010. I can not create u-Boot SD-card to start. I download from files: SDK1.9 for QorIQ (Image/Cache/Enviroument fille for SDK1.9). In env. i find directory Target_Board\p1010rdb adn not found u-boot bin-image for SDcard. I have found this file in subdir \p1020rdb, but it does not PBL block. This file is bad? Moreover, in a given environment are no commands BITBACKE,,,  although it refers readmy-file in this subdir.

Any sequence of commands I need to perform to create the right image in-boot SD-card in Envronment SDK1.9  (Virtual Host Enviroment: QorIQ DPAA SDK v1.9 PPCE500V2 with Virtual Host Enviroment)?

Если все так сложно, может кто вышлет бинарник для SD-card c u-boot-звгрузчиком? Просто плата новая, а спец по linux шибко занят. Конфигурация платы - p1010+DDR3+NAND+SPI_Flash+SD -копия p1010rdb-pb, без NOR/PLD. Или файл для платы p1010rdb-pb. Буду всемерно признателен!