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Found a great (free) book for assembly on HC08

Discussion created by John Pizzuto on Jul 28, 2016
"Microcomputer Architecture: low-level programming methods and applications of the M68HC908GP32" by D.E. Bolanakis, E. Glavas, G.A. Evangelakis, K.T. Kotsis, and T. Laopoulos

A link on their site lets you download a pdf copy:

Welcome the website


I don't know C, but I can get by in assembly on the 9s12.  Not so much with the 9s08.


I'm trying to make a one-shot out of a timer in assembly, on 9s08QG4.


From Jim Donelson in another thread:



For my application, MY_DELAY is the wiper voltage of a pot.  At midrange it's $80, which should make a 512usec pulse:

(32/8E6) * 128 = 512 usec


lalala (singing)



How do I add that so I can put it into TPMCOV??


So, after much googling for assembly help, I found THAT book which shows 16 bit addition in assembly:


            ORG         RAM_MEMORY
intA        RMB         2
intB        RMB         2
sum         RMB         3


            ORG         PROGRAM_MEMORY
            LDA         intA+1
            ADD         intB+1
            STA         sum+2
            LDA         intA+0
            ADC         intB+0
            STA         sum+1
            LDA         sum+0
            ADC         #!0
            STA         sum+0


I should be able to take it from here.