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How do I recreate the SD Card Image that came with my freescale LS1021A-IOT Development board?

Question asked by Thomas Thorne on Jul 28, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 1, 2016 by ufedor

I have a freescale LS1021A-IOT development kit that came with an SD card.  When the SD card is inserted the system seems to boot happily.  I take it that to customise the firmware running on this board I will need to create a new image with a similar set of files.  Currently I cannot work out how to do this in a way that results in a card the system will boot from. 


I have installed the freescale Linuc SDK for LS1021A-IOT Rev2 v0.4 SOURCE 20150907 Yocto on an Ubuntu 14.04 VM.  I am now able to generate the fsl-image-* tagets it provides using bitbake.  These output a selection of files into the ../tmp/deploy/images/ls1021aiot directry but not a compressed ext2 filesystem as is found on the SD card. 


The SD card seems to have the following files on it:

ls -l /media/thomasthorne/648A-2441/

total 104064

-rw-r--r-- 1 thomasthorne thomasthorne 102610061 Jan  7  2015 fsl-image-rds-iot-ls1021aiot.ext2.gz.u-boot

-rw-r--r-- 1 thomasthorne thomasthorne   3872416 Jan  7  2015 uImage-ls1021aiot.bin

-rw-r--r-- 1 thomasthorne thomasthorne     21873 Jan  7  2015 uImage-ls1021aiot.dtb

Looking at the partition structure with the Disks utility it seems that there is 4.2MB of free space, 3.9GB of FAT followed by 4.0GB of Free Space.  I suspect there is something important in that first few MB as my attempts to recreate the card by manually setting up similar partitions or dd copying the card have failed. 


The START_HERE.html file on the CD-ROM is also a little confusing.  Although the TWR version of the board (TWR-LS1021A) is shown in the Supported Targets section the version I have is not. Have I got the wrong version of SDK perhaps?  I am confident I downloaded it from the LS1021A-IOT Software & Tools page, as shown here: QorIQ LS1021A-IoT Gateway Reference Design|NXP


If I follow the instructions for the TWR I end up with a Linux / root filesystem on the SD card.  The LS1021A-IOT does not boot from this.  I guess I would need to change some uBoot setting to get it to but as far as I can make out those may be on a flash chip in the box and would then make it so I could not use the supplied SD card any more.


How can I try and develop any software for a board when none of the instructions or the SDK seem to generate code that will run on it?!  I must be missing something as I cannot believe it would be that hard to get going