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AUDMUX with 1.8V and 3.3V power groups

Question asked by Cory Henderson on Jul 27, 2016
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We are looking into using the i.MX6DL (possibly the i.MX6D) in an upcoming product. I want to use the AUDMUX to input I2S audio from multiple I2S masters. After some processing, the signal is output using the ESAI. We have an audio source that requires +1V8 IO voltage. Our other sources use +3V3 only.


I am using the Pins Tool for i.MX v1.0. I have found a setup that will let me use AUDMUX3 (aud3_rxc, aud3_rxd, and aud3_rxfs) with the NVCC_CSI power group, which I have set to 1V8. AUDMUX4 and 5 are on NVCC_SD2 and NVCC_LCD, which are set to 3V3. The pins tool has given me a warning that there is a power group conflict. Since there is no conflict between the 3 lines on each AUDMUX, can I ignore this error? Or will this cause a problem in the hardware?


I have attached a screenshot of the Pins tool with my AUDMUX setup and the resulting error.