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What are the limitations for LPCoppen webserver example

Question asked by Dariy Trantchev on Jul 25, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 14, 2016 by soledad

The web-server in LPCopen example "lpcopen_2_10_lpcxpresso_ea_devkit_4088" works fine up to certain level of complexity.

With 4 HTML files and 80 KB GIF-file one of them, the RTOS web-server  confuses the TCP protocol between the files. When more than one messages coincide, the module confuses the TCP connection order and sends the new HTTP content with repeated TCP connection number.

When the same program is used with the regular web-server, it works fine for certain time. From time to time,though, when more than one messages coincide, it hits on hardware error inside the module "lwip_chksum_copy" calculating the checksum for the TCP stack..