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usb camera can't take a photo:android 4.4.2

Question asked by weizhun chen on Jul 25, 2016

I am trying to use a USB camera in a i.MX6 board, but the camera app can't take a photo, when i taking pictures, the app will be shutdown and i get same log:

I/ActivityManager( 2766): Start proc for activity pid=3807 uid=10049 gids={50049, 3003, 1028, 1015}

V/CAM_PhotoModule( 3807): Preview size is 640x480

V/CAM_PhotoModule( 3807): onShutterButtonClick: mCameraState=1

V/CAM_PhotoModule( 3807): mShutterLag = 219ms

V/CAM_PhotoModule( 3807): mShutterToRawCallbackTime = 4ms

E/BufferQueue( 3807): [unnamed-3807-0] cancelBuffer: slot 1 is not owned by the client (state=0)

E/BufferQueue( 3807): [unnamed-3807-0] cancelBuffer: slot 2 is not owned by the client (state=3)


by the way: the camera app can preview