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Question asked by JHY on Jul 25, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 26, 2016 by Jan Spurek

The ROM expects the QuadSPI configuration parameters (as explained in the QuadSPI

Configuration Parameters) to be present in the serial flash memory from the offset 0x400

of serial flash of length 368 bytes. The ROM reads these configuration parameters using

the default read command configured in the LUT of the QuadSPI interface with the

SCLOCK operating at 18 MHz.

(IMX6SXRM.pdf - page 408)


My system is based on I.MX6SX.

I set BOOT_CFG1[7:4] to 0001 and BOOT_CFG1[3] to 0, so expected QSPI1 SCLK 18MHz, but there is no signal on the pin.

Is there another requirement for QSPI booting?