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[Urgent]Pin usage of USB_OTG serial downloader

Question asked by ko-hey on Jul 25, 2016
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Hi all


My customer is building a custom board with i.MX6UL and they have to fix their schematic by this week.

They plan to use USB_OTG only for serial download.

But there are no detail description in chapter "8.9 Serial Downloader" of RM.

So let me confirm which pins need for USB_OTG serial download.


There are following pins for USB_OTG1.

Which pins do user need only for USB_OTG1 serial download ?



①USB_OTG1_DN          T15

②USB_OTG1_DP          U15

③USB_OTG1_VBUS     T12


⑤USB_OTG1_ID            B3,H17,K13

⑥USB_OTG1_OC          C1,C16,L15

⑦USB_OTG1_PWR       C2,C17,M16



According to the reference schematics (SPF-28617_C1.pdf and SPF-28616_C.pdf), it seems that USB_OTG serial download needs only following pins.

Is it correct ?


①USB_OTG1_DN     T15

②USB_OTG1_DP     U15



If my understanding is correct, what is your recommended connection for unsued pins ?

If my understanding is wrong, which pad do you recommed to use for USB_OTG1_ID, USB_OTG1_OC and USB_OTG1_PWR ?