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TWR-K20D72M ADC0 can't work

Discussion created by Bhavin Maru on Jul 23, 2016
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I am working with TWR-K20D72M board as controller and IAREW(IAR Embedded Workbench) software for programming.i download the sample codes from the below link


In these sample codes they give example of Potentiometer(which is given on board) and Potentiometer is interfaced with controller's ADC1.this code works correctly.i want to run ADC0.i make and configure ADC0 code as per the sample code given in the above downloaded examples.please try to solve my below query


-- in ADC0 code isr for ADC0(interrupt for ADC0) is not generated

-- see my ADC0 configuration functions sim_init() ,pdb_init() , adc_init(), int_init() is there any mistake in those functions?


i attached my code for your reference.please help me so that i can generate interrupt for ADC0.


Thank You


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