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KEIL with LPC1549 Xpresso V2 : no Cortex-M SW device found

Question asked by Rajesh Sh. on Jul 22, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 25, 2016 by LPCX presso support

Dear All,

I am using LPC1549 Xpresso V2 board and flashed "Firmware_JLink_LPCXpresso_V20160530.bin" J-Link debug probe firmware using LPCScript command line utility.

To flash application from KEIL uVision5, I selected Debug option as : J-Link/J-TRACE Cortex, and under settings, I see the following :

under Device Name: no SW-DP found

After that, when try to download the application, the KEIL shows : no Cortex-M SW device found.

Can anyone please suggest how to fix this issue?

Also, Can anyone please let me know where can I get CMSIS-DAP image for debug probe for LPC15xx series?

Please find attached 3 images attached for Your reference.



Raj. S