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Hello World Demo will not compile / debug. Console reports: nothing to build

Question asked by Jim Nelson on Jul 22, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 25, 2016 by Jim Nelson

I recently purchased a FRDM-K22F board to develop some apps on.

I am new to Eclipse / GNU, so don't assume I know anything about it.


I downloaded Kinetis Design studio Version: 3.2.0 and installed it.

I downloaded and installed KSDK_1.3.0.

I installed the USB drivers, and the board is recognized - MBED drive shows.

I followed all instructions to the letter as near as I can tell.


As instructed, I imported the ksdk_platform_lib_K22F51212 - it appeared to build.

I next imported the hello_world_frdmk22f example - console says "Nothing to build for project hello_world_frdmk22f"

I followed instruction at Build and Run SDK Demos on the FRDM-K22F - How To|NXP , but the demo app is not

When I do debug-->debug configurations-->GDB OpenOCD Debugging-->hello_world_frdmk22f debug, I get an error:

     "Missing mandatory configuration. Fill-in the 'Config options:' field in the Debugger tab"


I haven't a clue what I should fill in there though.


what's up with this?  the demo should run as packaged right?