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I cannot successfully compile a project, I give in - please help!! :(

Question asked by Justin Reina on Jul 23, 2016
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I just purchased a Freedom KL25Z dev unit (FRDM-KL25Z) and am trying to use it. I am following NXP's provided Getting Started Guide located here


Getting Started Guide

FRDM-KL25Z|Freedom Development Platform|Kinetis MCU|NXP


Current State (Stuck!)

I have installed the IDE and Toolchain and have gotten to try to build my own project. I can build the lib (ksdk_platform_lib_KL25Z4), but the Linker fails on all attempts (hello_world attempt)!


See attached 'getting started procedure - trial 1.txt' for fairly detailed notes on my procedure leading up to failure. I've re-tried this a second time, and it failed again.



Help, please!! What am I doing wrong, and how to correct?



This is like "Hello World 101", and is embarassing that I am stuck. Any and all help is Greatly appreciated!!



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