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Crash after  Websocket close

Question asked by Adrian Rockall on Jul 22, 2016
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I am using KSDK 1.3 with MQX and building with IAR for a MK66 processor.


I have found that my system crashed at a fault interrupt some time after closing a websocket. The crash was caused by the lwSemaphore code that searches for a semaphore that is being removed. Further investigation showed that there was a corrupted semaphore in the linked list and eventually I found that the session structure was being deleted without destroying the semaphore.

It appears that the httpsrv_ses_free function is called but not the httpsrv_ses_close when the websocket is closed.


I have added to httpsrv_ses_free in httpsrv_task.c:

    if (session)
  //Adrian Rockall:- make sure the semaphore is destroyed before freeing the memory it sits in

        if (session->request.path)


That appears to solve the problem but I'm wondering the error is further up the chain with a missing call to httpsrv_ses_close?


I hope this helps anyone suffering the same problem but if anyone has a better solution I would be grateful.


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