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Setup of PWM X blocks the PWM A & B on TWR-KV46F150M

Question asked by Nathanael Birrer on Jul 21, 2016

Hello everybody

I'm trying to control all the 9 LEDs of the TWR-KV46F150M with PWM. I initialized LED 0-7 with processor experts. It worked very well, then I tried to setup the 9. LED which is on sub module 3 PWM X. But it is not possible with the processor experts so I wrote the code on my own. Now, I have the Problem that always when I call my function to initialize the PWM X and write to the corresponding VAL1, the PWM A&B of sub module 3 stop working, while all others "light up" correctly. The PWM X works perfectly as well.


I observed all registers in debug Modus, but there is no change to A & B significant bytes during my initialization. And when is surpass

PWM_WR_VAL1(pwmBase, subModule, pwmXHighPulse / 2)  in the PWMX initialization; the A & B signal are correct, logically the PWM X isn't correct.


I have really no idea why the two LEDs doesn't work after the PWM X initialize. Does anyone know a reason?


Full Kinetis PE Project in attachment




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