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FRDM-KW40Z BLE Data transfer Issue

Question asked by Rajarathinam Lawrence on Jul 21, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 28, 2016 by Jorge Antonio Alcala Vazquez

When I am tring to connect Freescale BLE stack 4.1 (FRDM-KW40Z) with Mindtree BLE Stack, I am facing the problem with transfer bulk data.

I tried with sample program hid host as a Client and our application board as Server(Mindtree stack) . Client device discovered all service and charaterstics information provided by Server but when tring to send a Max size(23 byte) data from Client through following API,data transfer not happening and It's able to send only one byte of data.


GattClient_WriteCharacteristicValue(deviceId, &characteristic,streamSize, pRecvStream, TRUE,                                FALSE, FALSE, NULL);


Can anyone advise the correct procedure to write the Max size of data transfer from client to server.


Thank you very much!