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Fill Memory and Global Variable Address Modifier (@address)

Question asked by Axel Hubner on Jul 20, 2016
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i am using the Global Variable Address Modifier (@address) to place eeprom variables at a specific location like:


const uint8 EEP_LOWER_TEMP @0x100000U = 85;

const uint8 EEP_UPPER_TEMP_MTR @0x100004U = 100;

const uint8 EEP_UPPER_TEMP_LED @0x100008U = 100;


We are using 4 byte aligement in the eeprom to simplify the writing. My question is how to fill the memory

between two variables? In my example i am using a 1 byte variable. The linker generates a section for each variable

witch is excatly as big as the variable. If i am using the linker to fill my whole eeprom i get conflicts with overlapping segments. If i do not fill there will be gabs in the .sx file.


EEPROM   = READ_ONLY   0x100000 TO 0x1007FF FILL 0xFF;





is there a solution to combine the global variable adress modifier with the fill comand?


Regards Axel