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MPC5645S related questions

Discussion created by Aishwarya Kulkarni on Jul 21, 2016


I am using MPC5645S. I have the following issues:


   - I am trying to read the status register of DSPI bitwise into a

   variable. However the variable value is not getting updated when we are

   repeatedly reading the status register. why so? Also How to access a

   register in the code based on its memory address?

   - We are updating a variable in ISR and trying to access it in another

   function. However we are not getting the updated value in the function when

   ISR variable is already updated. We are just getting the initial value of

   the variable which we have initialized it to i.e. 0x00. To solve this issue

   we have made both the variables volatile and are reading it multiple times

   but still no change.

   - Also, for DSPI when we are enabling FIFO, the value in RXFR register

   is not getting updated in the POPR register. What could be the reason?


It would be of great help if you could solve these problems.


Thanks and Regards,

Aishwarya Kulkarni



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