Coldfire - USB in Host mode problems TOKEN BUSY

Discussion created by fferraro on Jun 11, 2008
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I am using CodeWarrior 6.3 C Compiler for Coldfire MCF52223 on the Freescale M52223EVB Development board. I need to use the processor USB interface in Host mode. My software is based on the CMX routines (Host Demo) downloaded from Freescale Web Site.


My problem is specifically:


I wait till pending tokens are processed, checking the bit 5 of the MCF_USB_CTL register (IPSBAR Offset 0x1C0094) ( bit5 = MCF_USB_CTL_TXDSUSPEND_TOKBUSY) before starting reset signaling (MCF_USB_CTL |= MCF_USB_CTL_RESET) or before writing any tokens to the Token Register (IPSBAR Offest 0x1C00A8), but sometimes this bit5 does not clear.


#define DSC_BUG 0                in the project and this is the code:


#if DSC_BUG == 0











Changing the setting in the Target panel in the sheet “Code Generation” I get different behaviours and the program stops in different modes and in different subroutines.

I think I have some problems related to Compiler optimizations:
depending on the optimization level it seems that the same C source code works well or not, and sometimes it stops.


Any suggestion?


I have tried the CodeWarrior 7 C Compiler but I do not found any differences.