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MMA8451Q starts transmitting zeros after the x-axis goes positive

Question asked by Pete Cotton on Jul 20, 2016
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We are using the MMA8451Q accelerometer in a project using i2c to communicate with an HCS08 processor. The x, y and z output values are transmitted fine as long as the x axis is a negative g number. We can tilt the board so the other two axis' go negative or positive and the data is still transmitted fine. The moment we tilt the board so that the x-axis goes positive the board starts transmitting 0,0,0 (0 on all three axis). Even if we move the board back so that the x-axis is negative again the board continues to broadcast 0,0,0 and will not resume normal operation until we power it off and back on again.


I have tried four separate chips and they all exhibit the same behaviour. Am I missing something fundamental here? Thanks in advance.