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MQX Lite Support for Kl27X SOC

Discussion created by Anil Nadargi on Jul 20, 2016
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We are using MQX Lite on MKL27Z256VMP4 SoC . We have installed GPIO driver and LP UART driver using Processor Expert.


Setup :

1. SoC MKL27Z256VMP4 .

2. GPIO Driver

3. LP UART Driver

4. MQX Lite / FreeRTOS


Observations :

1. When we run the firmware only with GPIO driver installed ,firmware is running fine with issues and we are able to toggle the GPIO pins.


2. When we try to run firmware installed the LP UART driver in the firmware along with GPIO driver , firmware get reset . After debugging enabled we found the program jumps to Reset Handler code within the boot.S file .


3. But when we changed the OS options from MQX Lite to Bare-metal , the firmware ( LP UART + GPIO ) works just fine, i.e. we are able to toggle the GPIO lines and also able to receive the data from LP UART module .


Queries :

1. Do we need to modify some memory from default settings to run RTOS for above SoC ( MKL27Z256VMP4 ).

2. Does MQX Lite and FreeRTOS supports above SoC ( MKL27Z256VMP4 ).


Thanks ,

Anil N.