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TJA1100 phy

Discussion created by Bhavya Babu on Jul 20, 2016
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For TJA1100 , there is one customer evaluation module and application note.


1) In the customer evaluation module the part number for common mode choke is ACT45L-101-2P.This part number is not available so can I replace it with ACT45L-201-2P-TL000. (The inductance of ACT45L-201-2P-TL000 is 201uH and is specified as “For automobile signal line”)


2) In the customer evaluation board 33nH inductor is used on the BroadR Reach differential line

, and in the application note, an external low pass filter is used.(page no 16 of TJA1100 application hints)




Can we get BOM for this TJA1100 customer evaluation board from NXP? BOM is not available in the customer evaluation manual.