FTM_StartTimer does not start Timer KSDK2.0

Discussion created by manfredschnell on Jul 20, 2016



I use KSDK2.0 with IAR Workbench on Target K64.

With FTM-Modul I want to generate triac firing pulses for phase angle Modulation.


So I use the following sequence.


#define BOARD_PWM_INSTANCE_50HZ               FTM3

// PWM-Modul Init 50Hz


  // Initializes the FTM module.

  ftmInfo.prescale = kFTM_Prescale_Divide_8;

  FTM_Init(BOARD_PWM_INSTANCE_50HZ, &ftmInfo);

  FTM_SetupOutputCompare( BOARD_PWM_INSTANCE_50HZ, BOARD_PWM_TRIAC1_CH, kFTM_NoOutputSignal, 0 );

  FTM_StartTimer(BOARD_PWM_INSTANCE_50HZ, kFTM_SystemClock);


After that sequence the FTM-module does not count.

I have to write a value (0xffff --> to have a free running Counter) to "MOD" register.



The reason is written in "K64 Sub-Family Reference Manual, Rev. 2, January 2014" on page 1007.



• When MOD = 0x0000, CNTIN = 0x0000, for example


after reset, and FTMEN = 1, the FTM counter remains


stopped at 0x0000 until a non-zero value is written into the


MOD or CNTIN registers.




The Function FTM_StartTimer() works, when the timer is used in PWM-mode with FTM_SetupPwm() because the "MOD" register is written in this function to adjust the PWM frequency.


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