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MFG tools problem

Question asked by q y on Jul 19, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 30, 2016 by Rita Wang

Hello, I have difficulty flashing the SD card with MFG tool. When I connect the usb otg port to the computer, the computer didn't recongnize it as HID device but recongnize it as usb portable device, then I open the MFG tool and MFG tool recongnize it as Virtual HID Minidriver Collection. then I press start and the MFG tool says <"Boot" body="BootStrap" error, file="C:\Users\qian060\Downloads\mfg_tools\mfgtools\Profiles\linux\OS Firmware\firmware\u-boot-imx6qpsabresd_sd.imx">  and the download process just stopped. Can you tell me how to solve the problem?