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MKE02 Master SPI TX Interrupt Error

Question asked by Pablo Suarez on Jul 19, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 5, 2016 by Pablo Suarez

Hi there, please I need some help with this issue, I have trying to develop a simple control of several seven segments led displays using a shift register and the SPI module of a MKE02Z64 microcontroller.

As I thought it, I use the Process Expert functions of Syncro Master like this:

1.     With a fixed timer I call the function SendChar() to send one character when the display is off.

2.     To power on the display with the right data I use the interrupt OnTXChar() in order to set on the display leds when the data have been shifted.

Simple, but my problem is in the OnTXChar() interrupt, it is triggered when the second bit is sended. ¿Why?

I have been trying also with the function OnFreeTxBuf() and sending data as a block of 1 byte using SenBlock() with the same result, both interrupts are triggered before complete the 8 bit word.

¿What i'm doing wrong?


Regards, and sorry about my english...