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SSP/SPI needs interrupt?

Question asked by Dimitris Sideris on Jul 19, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 11, 2016 by Kerry Zhou

Hi there,


I am trying to connect lpcxpresso 4367 with a wifi module (esp8266) through SPI (SSP1 in lpc). Lpc is spi master and wifi is spi slave.


I have some basic questions.


1. When i connect a device as spi slave in the clk, miso, mosi, ssel lines do i need an additional line for interrupts? Or by default the spi lines register an spi interrupt in the nvic interrupt handler by specific interrupts codes (like NVIC_EnableIRQ(SSP_IRQ))?


2. How do i set up ssel line to low so that data can be transmitted? Is ssel set to be low by default? In ssp.c example file of LPCOpen examples there is not any ssel initialization (or i can't find it).


3. Can nxp give a turorial or a rough roadmap how to connect spi slaves?


Please community and nxp help!