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Writing data to a flash adn reading it using memcpy function(IAP method)

Question asked by Chethan Kumar on Jul 19, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 22, 2016 by Peter Furtner



i am using board which contains NXP's lpc54102. I am trying to write data to a flash (Sector 15 , Address 0x0007E000) and read it using memcpy() function. I am using Chip_IAP_CopyRamToFlash() api to write data. If i read data using memcpy() immediately after writing then i am able to read the proper data.  if i try to read data in some other file using memcpy function, then i am not getting the expected data. What could be the issue? Is there any sequence to follow while reading data from the flash?(IAP mode)



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